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Marie Curie Initial Training Network WALL "Controlling domain wall dynamics for functional devices"

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The WALL Project

Project overview image

This schematic figure shows an overview of the scientific and technological objectives, methodologies and approaches that form the basic elements of the WALL consortium. The two pillars of the overall project are summarized into scientific (right) and training (left) objectives.

Controlling domain wall dynamics for functional devices requires moving past the present state-of-the-art and exploring new methods for full control over static and dynamic properties of DWs, thereby envisaging the structures on which new ICT devices will be built.

From fundamental physics to device concepts refers to how young researchers, starting from a solid knowledge of the physics, will explore their own pathways to understand how it is possible to conceive a device. Here, although prototypes may be built in the course of the project, the way is the goal, not the final device.

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