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Marie Curie Initial Training Network WALL "Controlling domain wall dynamics for functional devices"

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Research Fellows



ESR 1: Bhaskarjyoti Sarma

Project: Effect of disorder on domain wall dynamics

Network Partner: ISI Foundation, Torino, Italy

Ali Nasseri

ESR 2: Ali Nasseri

Project: Analytical models of domain wall dynamics

Network Partner: ISI Foundation, Torino, Italy

Ris Khan


ESR 3: Risalat Khan

Project: Large spin Hall angle materials for spin Hall torques

Network Partner: University of Leeds



ESR 4: Kowsar Shahbazi 

Project: Spin-orbit torques and magnetic domain walls

Network Partner: University of Leeds


ESR 5: Fabienne Musseau

Project: Domain Wall and Spin Current Dynamics

Network PartnerJohannes Gutenberg-University Mainz 

Gurucharan V. Karnad


ESR 6: Gurucharan V. Karnad

Project: Voltage-based domain wall control

Network PartnerJohannes Gutenberg-University Mainz





ESR 7: Yuting Liu

Project: Magnetic domain wall control by electric fields and strain

Network PartnerUniversité Paris-Sud



ESR 8: Simone Moretti

Project: Influence of spin-orbit coupling on current-driven domain wall dynamics: theoretical and numerical study

Network Partner: University of Salamanca



ESR 9: Michele Voto

Project: Advanced micromagnetic modeling of domain wall dynamics

Network Partner: University of Salamanca



ESR 11: Benjamin Borie

Project: Domain wall based sensing devices

Network Partner: Sensitec GmbH


Samridh Jaiswal

ESR 12: Samridh Jaswal

Project: Advanced Materials Development

Network Partner: Singulus Technologies AG


Experience Researcher: Sandrine Da Col

Project: Domain walls under field and current

Network Partner: IBM Research - Zurich

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